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Hurricane Bubble Candle

Hurricane Bubble Candle


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The artisan blown glass Hurricanes containers are distinctive centerpiece candles  with an elegant, shiny, smooth finish, both with a tied jute decorative accent. This candle has two wicks with a container made of thick bubbled hand blown glass with thirty-two ounces of a clean burning fragranced soy wax blend with a high-quality fragrance compound oil. Every candle is crafted in small batches and should give approximately one hundred hours of burn time. Repurposed as a decorative container for your table, dresser or vanity, to be used time and time again.


Bourbon Vanilla:Madagascar vanilla beans laced with a hint of malt whiskey, musk and amber.  

Grapefruit Pine: Grapefruit, plum, Siberian fir, musk & sandalwood.  Incredible mix of citrus and woodsy tones.